Dear Parent, Is this you?

Are You Tired Of Shouting And Beating Your Children To Correct Them, Without Seeing Any Positive Changes?

Then come with me.

In this letter, I’m going to reveal 101 ways (that actually work) to correct your child without losing your mind in the process.

More so, if you ask me…

Shouting and Beating a child does more harm than good and there are better ways to instill discipline.

But before I go on…

Tell me something…

Do These Describe You?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions…

Then it is time to learn the best way to train a child to give them an emotionally sound and brilliant future.

Has it ever occurred to you that

No “parent” was ever taught HOW to be a parent.

All we have done is project everything our parents did when raising us or simply copy those around us.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

But it’s not our fault.

That is why… if you look around, especially in the 21st century today…

There are more and more parents who are frustrated because…

Despite all the shouting and beating, they are still…

Struggling to correct or raise their children into being outstanding or well-behaved.

More importantly…

If this is also what you are going through, then stay with me because…

I have EVERYTHING you need.

But before I go on…

How do you know for sure that I have the best solution to your current challenges?

Who Am I and What Do I Do?

Hi, I am Ronke Adeniyi. I’m a School Directress, a Parenting Coach, and a Child Advocate. As an educationist with over 10 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to witness how large the gap in parenting knowledge is for most parents today. Knowing well that the future of every child is largely dependent on the quality of parenting they receive. I made it one of my life’s purposes to educate as many parents who care to learn, how to be effective parents. Since our children will always copy what we do… I know my labor will not just extend to the current generation of kids but several generations to come.

This is why I am relaunching my transformational book that has sold thousands of copies worldwide:

101 Ways To Curb Beating And Shouting.

This book will help you:

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Maybe, you are reading this and saying to yourself…

“Is it possible to raise your child without beating and shouting?”

I will tell you this for free…

"Beating or Screaming at a Child has NEVER been the best way to raise a child."

There is always an emotional and psychological downside to it.
I give you my word, without beating or shouting at your children…
You will raise more confident, sharper, and emotionally stable children.
You should know this…

There are better, more effective and stress-free ways to raise outstanding kids.

Because let’s face it.

How well has shouting or beating your children helped them become more well behaved or confident who do not pretend just to avoid your anger?

Is it really working for you temporarily?

Since you started beating your kids, have they changed much, or do they have one behavior at home and another in school and in other places?

Or are they now used to the beatings because they know that is all you will do?

Have they grown so hardened to your shouting and abusive words that it does not mean anything to them?

Even you … Are you not tired of 150/100mmgh?

Can’t you see you are causing more harm than good?

In fact, you are risking both your health, happiness and having an unhealthy relationship with your child all because you are using METHODS THAT DO NOT WORK!

As a result parent, you work 24/7. 
You do everything possible to ensure you provide every need your child has… maybe you have 4 or 5 of them.
From birth, they never lacked anything.
You didn’t want them to go through the experiences you went through .. you want a better life for them.
You provide a conducive home, good schools, latest gadgets, beautiful clothes… name it…
But after all this labour…
Your child neither trusts nor confides in you.

You don't have a solid relationship that allows you to influence them, correct them or find out what goes on in their life every day.

You have no idea of the challenges they encounter when you are not with them which is dangerous because…

With 21st century kids today, the list is endless.

It could be cyberbullies, body shaming, being bullied in school, abuse of various forms, blackmail …all these can be happening to your child right now but you don’t know.


Your Child Does Not Trust You.

Your Child Will Rather Endure The Pain, Than Talk To You because…

You’ve shown them that the only way you can show love is by shouting or beating.

If this is your story, then it is time to do something about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, better now than later when it is too late.

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It might not even be abuse …

It could be the daily challenges and victories they face.

Imagine not knowing anything about your child, all because he/she does not deem you worthy to be carried along.

And one day, you notice your friends’ children have better relationships with their parents.

Don’t you want this for yourself?

Or is this what you want?...

I remember a Twitter thread I read a while back, where one user narrated his call with his mum.

He said he was on a call with his mum. During the call, his mum asked him why he doesn’t call his dad.

Do you know what he said? “I don’t have anything to say to him. I don’t have a relationship with him.”

Guess what, the call was on a loudspeaker and the father heard it.

Imagine how you would have felt if you were the father… or if your child said such about you as a mother.

Do you know the heartbreaking part? 

Many parents currently have this kind of relationship with their parents and they are nurturing the same relationship with their children. The only thing that binds many adults to their parents is obligation and the need to keep the wagging tongues of those in society still,

This does not have to be your story…

You can have phenomenal relationships with your children and still raise them to be respectful and exceptional global citizens.

You just need to learn HOW

In this book…

I broke down all the steps and strategies you need to know using… Real-life experiences and scenarios.

Some of them I encountered personally as a parent and school leader who nurtures many children and some anonymously cited from my coaching clients.

By the time you are through reading it, you will be able to:

Several Testimonies and Counting!

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It’s time to stop the trial-and-error and follow proper and healthy ways to correct your child.

Every day spent doing the wrong thing is affecting your child one way or the other.

The best time to have bought this book was before you became a parent.

The second best time is now!

You've just made a fantastic decision!

But you can make it better.



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