Comfort Zone

There was a very active and fun loving little boy in the crèche at Le Poshe School, he was quite social and loved hanging around other kids.A while ago, we decided that it was time to move him to the next section to continue his journey of growth and development. The first day was just awesome, you would think he had been in the class all his life, he followed all the routines and played nicely with his “new friends.”The next day, he was led to his class and World War 10 began, he simply was not having it. He would scream and scream until he was allowed back to his old room, the Crèche. It was hilarious for me to watch personally albeit I understood what is going on.He repeated the act all week, refusing to settle in the new class. Why do I tell this story?The lovely little boy reminds me of many of us, we think we want something else however when the opportunity comes, like some plants or the little boy, we retract.Internally, we are not quite ready for it, we covet it and long for the change or growth however something else is going on internally.Many have lost opportunities based on fear and doubt amongst others due to this internal combustion engine.Many are comfortable in abusive relationships, hiding under the identity of another person or organisation, comfortable being broke always, comfortable with anger, jealousy, bitterness, unforgiveness, secret indulgences like pornography, masturbation, child abuse etc.You are so much more if only you believe.We simply love our comfort zones.All we really need to do is get rid of the fear, trust a little or stretch ourselves a little and we’ll be flying.Will you stretch?Will you move out of your comfort zone?Will you say your #affirmations?© RonkePosh loves you more than agbalumo 😘😘😘😘

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