Don’t Throw In The Towel

A while ago, I heard about someone who jumped off the 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos.Shortly before that, we also heard of two celebrities that committed suicide.Are we just going to sit still and continue to hear and see people commit suicide around us?These are even the ones we hear about.How about the ones we do not?I’m don’t have a clue why these people did what they did however I want to urge us all to reach out to one another, show love, be kind and compassionate.It’s a hostile world we live in and the pressures are high.Let’s look inwards and begin to fix ourselves of any issues or baggage we may carry around.Issues like #unforgiveness, #jealousy, #envy, #bitterness, #anger, #frustration etc.We cannot give what we don’t have. If the issues are larger than you think you can deal with, it may be time to seek the help of a professional. There is no shame in it.We need to stop judging each other and being so mean. We all have our scars and shadows.Let’s protect each other in love.There are programmes on emotional intelligence, NLP and psychology that can help us discover ourselves better. We need to invest in programmes like these so we can help ourselves, families and those around us.This week let’s not forget our prayers and affirmations. They do go a long way in boosting us.Share your issues with someone you can trust.Is it a troubled child, cheating spouse, in law, job etc? Find someone to share with before you explode.Don’t ever think these things cannot happen to any of us.Call someone today, chat with someone, give a hug, share a free smile…Reach out and touch someone.Don’t throw in the towel.RonkePosh loves you.