Why Your Spouse Does Not Know How To Love You

Many spouses do not know how to show love to their partners because no one showed them how.How does a man who was rarely hugged or told “I love you” say that to his wife and children? Except with training and intervention, it will not happen and if it does, it is robotic and will lack genuine emotion.As the saying goes, we can not give what we do not have.You have to go out of your way to show love to your children in different ways.I am not recommending you break the bank but you need to put in the time.Many girls are not taught to give their Dads presents or cards, many mums will say “go and meet your father” when the girl child (and boy child) needs something.As a result the fathers see themselves only as cash machines (ATMs) and so do the children. Women, do your bit (if you can) to ensure you model giving to your children. It cannot and should not be just the fathers. Give, no matter how small.We must do our best to change the narrative.It is affecting and ruining marriages.Seek to know the love language of your children and fill their tanks.This midterm (for those just starting) is another opportunity to discover your children and begin to change things where necessary.If your spouse is not filling your love tank, it may not be totally their fault, they don’t know how, teach them, they are often victims of their upbringing.Your spouse may be suffering from low self-esteem or even depression when they isolate themselves. Just show love consistently. I know it’s hard but do your best. It’s one team and no one gets a trophy.Do not replicate their behaviour e.g. if your spouse does not speak to you, speak to them. Replicating the behaviour simply means you are stooping to that low level.Also remember that your kids can read in between the lines. Your actions are a great teacher to them.Have a great week.I love you more than agbalumo💕💕💕RonkePosh.#conflict#conflictinmarriages