EXPOSED: How To Build A Personal Brand As A Teacher Or Educationist And GROW Your Income…
WITHOUT Getting Another Degree.

Dear Loyal Teachers,

Ever been told that a teacher’s reward is in heaven?…

Then I want you to listen to a very important message, as this is going to be the best letter you’d be reading from a teacher like you.

Just like every teacher…

 You’ve most likely heard people say to you that there isn’t anything good that comes from being a teacher or an educator.

Even your friends take you for granted when you tell them ‌you are a teacher.


What if I tell you—You can prove them Wrong… and become a teacher with WORTH both in your finances and prestige. 

By working on developing yourself to bring a change in your Positioning. Finances … and others as a teacher.

As a teacher with years of experience; I used to feel the same way until I discovered how to improve myself.

And now, people doubt me when I tell them I am a teacher.

Because my finances and positioning differ from the usual.

As I exhibit total confidence, a positive attitude, and possess other skill sets.

Now, imagine if you could do the same as an educator.

Imagine if you are…

If you answered yes, then I want to introduce you to how you can easily achieve this.


Branding For Educators

An online course that’s going to help any teacher build a personal brand for themselves as educators.

In this course, you’ll learn…

Plus, other special bonuses…

Bonus #1

Instagram hacks and how to use them for your online visibility. [Value N7,500]

Bonus #2

How to use the Canva tool to design graphics for your content on social media.
[Value N3000]

Bonus #3

You'll be added to a close WhatsApp group where I'll guide you on this road to a new path.


you have a community of growth-minded educators to learn and share ideas with. [Priceless]

With this course…

You can develop your confidence as a teacher and position yourself properly both online and offline so you attract amazing opportunities.

Now here’s what some other educators are saying about this course…

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John Doe
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John Doe

Picture this…

After taking this course like these folks…

This is how branding for educators will help you.

You will become a financially balanced and well-positioned teacher.
If this is something you’d like to have, then I want you to come with me for a moment.
And imagine it’s 30 days from this very moment…
Now, you’re able to leverage online media to position yourself as a brand.
Then start attracting opportunities via your storytelling skills.
Would that be a good fit for you?
If yes, then click the button below, and get the roadmap you need to live a better life as a teacher.

Ok. I hear you saying… “I’m interested in this, but who is the coach for this course”

My name is Ronke Posh.
I am an educationist with 10 years of experience in training other teachers.
And over the years, in the course of these training sessions, they have invited me for…
I have discovered the poor training a lot of teachers are exposed to.
This led me to take it upon myself to empower other teachers with the knowledge I have gained…
By showing them how to develop themselves, and grow their income aside from teaching.
 As you know, knowledge is power.
So I’m currently on a journey to help hundreds of educators develop themselves.

What Will It Take You To Get This

If you’re to get the branding course only, It’d cost you N15,000, but in this course, you’d get this and a lot more, such as…

Storytelling training

 How to use Social media to position yourself and monetize it.

This and many more are what comes with this course and it means you’re going to be shaped with multiple skills after you’re done with this course.

So hurry and get this now…

For a fair deal of N25,000 ONLY.

But I’m afraid…

Today’s Price will only be available for a short while because the price is going up soon.

And in getting this course today,you will have lifetime access when I make any update.

Now,  you can learn the skills that will help you grow your income.

So hurry and join the Educators who do not have to depend ONLY on their paycheck.

And get the desired income and recognition you need.


Ronke Posh